Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ta Dah!

Basically, I started this blog to talk about my adventures in knitting. Most of the time I travel for work and I take my knitting with me and I get strange looks when I whip it out and start working. Then sometimes I get the opposite reaction where people get really excited and start fondling my project (A flight attendent got a bit too entusiastic about a scarf I was making)! Anyway, it won't be all travel all the time because sometimes (like now) I don't have any work and I get to sit at home and not earn any yarn money. :(

Anyway, WIP include:

-Royal Blue Sweater (eventually for my dad)
-Really thick bed socks (for a sick aunt)
-Afgan (wanted to give it to mom but don't think it will be done for THIS Christmas!)
-Horizontal knit scarf (I've already made a ton of these and this one if finally for me!!!)
-Tweed sweater (will be for me! :) )

More details to follow!


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