Friday, August 05, 2005

What's in a name?

The name of this very short-lived blog has come as a result of some public knitting I have done, yes, but it is largely a result of PRIVATE knitting! Yes in the comfort of my own home I have been ridiculed and shamed because I am a knitter! A parade of aunts and uncles have deemed me "an old grandma" for knitting. My knitting inspired an aunt of mine to pick up needles after many years, after doing so she got heckled so much she put them away again! So dear readers, this is why I am so defensive when it comes to my knitting....I have yet to form any knitting friendships (although I'm hoping to change that) so I am solo in my persuit of knitting nirvana.

Ok enough ranting. :) Personal info about me? I am a female, I know I may seem to be male with the job I do....I get that ALL the time....I have to prove I'm as good as a male to every single new client of mine. I have a cuddly teddy bear of a husband. I also provide the care and maintanence for 3 kitties that consent to live here, and one doggie (who was a package deal with the husband.) :) Pictures you ask? Well if you insist.....

I am much too sleepy to talk to you!

I look mean but I'm really the professor....very smart.

I am the princess, you all must bow to me (or just pet me alot).

I am a silly dog who spins like a top when I want to go outside.


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