Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On the road again!!!!

I am working!!!!!! My two week forced vacation with out pay is over!!!!!! I hate being a contractor, I only get paid when I work and work is not ALWAYS plentiful! Anyway, this morning I flew into beautiful Nashville TN. At 10am while walking thru the terminal there was a live band playing country tunes! On a WEDNESDAY!!! If I'd had enough coffee on board I would have stopped to take a picture, instead I stopped and stared for a few seconds and proceeded to sniff out a coffee provider.

On the knitting front I am in the space-time continum where you knit on a peice and it never actually GETS LONGER. I'll keep you posted. My husband doesn't seem to understand the space-time thing. I bought some some needles off ebay a few weeks back and he's wondering why I haven't started using's because I can't seem to finish a single project and I have a BUNCH on the needles....I know I'm pathetic.


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