Thursday, August 18, 2005

Odd day at work

I'm not going into specifics because they are boring but I've never had so much down time when "on location" at work. Basically I get to my assigned worksite and I work till my fingers fall off. But today I, for the first time, KNITTED while AT WORK, and let me tell ya I could get used to that. :)

As you see in the picture above I have my two laptops up and on one there is nothing open (the flowers you see are my wallpaper) this is my WORK computer, and on the other one there is a knitting blog up(Reading Blogs is addictive....) And, what is that there? Why it's the purple scarf that won't let me bind off. I don't know why It's taking me soooo long....I'll blame it on the cables (it is my first time doing them!)

Also on the agenda today was cruising Knitty's archives. I am seriously thinking about making the husband this It's called the "Anniversary Sweater". It is made from Katia Pisco which is a cotton blend, which is perfect because my second anniversary is coming up and supposedly the traditional 2nd year gift is COTTON. How cool would that be if I could actually finish this for my anniversary? How likely is that to happen? Ok you can stop laughing now. The REAL question is what is my husband getting me for my anniversary gift, and will it be yarn related? Stay tuned.


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