Thursday, January 19, 2006

Back to work.

Well I'm on the road again and I have another edition of adventures on the road....but I have knitting progress pics before I start that:

First up this morning folks, is my International Scarf Pal far I've used over one skein of Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool on this. I'm trying to get it to a length that I will be happy with, without blocking it to within an inch of it's life. Does anyone know if this yarn grows after it takes a bath? Also, what is the best soap to have it come out great smelling? I'm pretty happy with the progress and I hope my pal is too.

Next up, the progress on the second pair of booties, for my pregnant aunt.....they will be done soon...and the best part: NO BLOCKING!!! Into the mail they will go all the way to lovely Chicago, IL. For those of you who would notice, the cuff is way shorter on these because I'm running out of this yarn. ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Classic Elite Yarns Premiere! The knitted fabric is heavenly soft!

And now ladies and gentlemen we have Martha's travels thru New England. I wish I had more time to go on a multi-state yarn crawl but it was not to be this time.

Martha, why are we taking photos of random houses/resturants in Vermont? Well ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the Rutland, VT AIRPORT!!!! That's it's about as big as my HOUSE!!!! I love it!!! They had 3 tiny desks shoved in there, one for Continental, one for Alamo Rent a car, and one for Hertz......and the Continental desk had a fish tank on it!!!! When I checked in the lady behind the counter offered me a cup of coffee along with my boarding know cuz she'd just made some in the wait I mean "in back". In the "gate area" there were magazines all over like a waiting room, except all of them were current. "Baggage claim" was 5 feet from the "gate". When I got there ONE GUY was the ticket counter, ground crew, Baggage office, and rental car person.....what would they do if he got sick?????

Next to the charming airport, there was the above sign. So is a Rabbitry like a place where they raise Rabbits? I was tempted to go in and I mean "pet" rabbits, but the Rabbitry was a trailer that didn't look very welcoming.

Other notable events....I had to drive from Rutland,VT to Boston because my flight was cancelled (maybe the one guy that works there was sick???). On the way I was flipping stations and I HEARD A RADIO AD FOR A YARN SHOP!!!! I had to calm down and fight not to turn the car around to find this place!!! When was the last time you heard a radio commercial like THAT????? Also on the way, I saw another first! A MOOSE crossing sign!!! I would have stopped to take a pic but it was too snowy/rainy for me to do so.

Overall, it's been a pretty exciting week......Next time....I promise.....a MEME!!!! Now aren't we all excited?


Blogger Moon said...

Great pictures! I love the snow...
wish I was someplace chilly...

5:03 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

yes my silky wool stertched about 8 inches after the short bath... can't wait to see it blocked:) be safe on your trip! hope to hang with ya soon

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jes said...

Love the Vermont airport! =) Reminds of the airport I used in GA when I was at school.
Sounds like an interesting trip, despite the extra driving.
The scarf looks great!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Pam said...

Hi Martha;

New reader here. You drove through my neck of the woods (writing from New Hampshire). Love your blog, I'll be back often. :)

5:37 AM  

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