Monday, October 10, 2005


Ok so my Dad calls me and askes me to "help" him with something. I'm supposed to write a legal document (I DIDN'T FREAKIN GO TO LAW SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for him for his business. So being a good daughter, I agreed cringing all the way. Three hours later....after sending drafts back and forth over e-mail......I am about to drive a pen in my eye just so I would have an excuse to get off the phone!

On the plus side.....The Anniversary Sweater is still on the docket to get made. The yarn is bought!!! It will be mostly navy with a white stripe. I can't wait. I have a problem though, the largest size is LARGE and my husband is a XXL and 6 foot tall....ok so any advice? Is there a service that will help me rewrite the pattern? PLEASE HELP ME!

There are other projects on the needles, but as I am traveling in Nowheresville, TN, you will see them some other day.


Blogger Seva Alieva said...

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6:41 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Hey there--just responding to a comment you left on my blog. I can't reply directy to comments left on my blog, otherwise I'd have answered you directly through email. Sorry to post this here.

For the SYNO info, the swap partners were set over the summer, so it's not possible to sign up at this point. You may want to email the organizers for more info past this, the address can be found on the first post on the SYNO site.

Hope this helps!

4:07 PM  
Blogger michelericks38242103 said...

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