Thursday, October 20, 2005


I don't have time for a full post today. However, I wanted to pose the following question out there in cyberspace.

Since the season is OVER for the Saint Louis Cardinals, and they have alot of time on their hands, I am posing suggestions for new names for the team:

-The Saint Louis Do Do Birds (You know, cuz they went the way of the Do Do! Total Extinction! HA!)

-The Saint Louis Ostriches (For when they stick their heads in the sand...which was frequently this last series, evidently!)

...and my personal favorite

-The Saint Louis TURKEYS!!!!! (Well, for OBVIOUS reasons)

Looking towards the loyalties are split because I was born and raised in Chicago.....I don't know who to root for!?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your loyalties may be split, but you said that technically your Cubs fans so that means your and Astros fan right..............

5:47 AM  

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