Monday, June 25, 2007

Do over!

Ok lets try this blogging thing again shall we? Since Jan, lots has happened I'll catch you up in the coming entries.

The sock visited a new airport today!!! Fort Smith Arkansas, I've never seen an airport like you before.

Can you believe this? Can this be my living room instead of the boarding area for Delta?

Raise your hands how many of you have a sitting area like this in YOUR bathroom?

And finally, if your flight gets delayed, evidently you can browe the in-airport museum! They had these areas all over the place!

Craptastic photos brought to you by my cell phone. An evil tyranical client is keeping my camera hostage. Demands yet to be made.

Next we have yet another Photo made with my cell phone, at work....

In the knitting department we have a shocker.....a sock-in-progress.....

Stay tuned for exciting news from this knitter!!!
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