Thursday, August 18, 2005

Odd day at work

I'm not going into specifics because they are boring but I've never had so much down time when "on location" at work. Basically I get to my assigned worksite and I work till my fingers fall off. But today I, for the first time, KNITTED while AT WORK, and let me tell ya I could get used to that. :)

As you see in the picture above I have my two laptops up and on one there is nothing open (the flowers you see are my wallpaper) this is my WORK computer, and on the other one there is a knitting blog up(Reading Blogs is addictive....) And, what is that there? Why it's the purple scarf that won't let me bind off. I don't know why It's taking me soooo long....I'll blame it on the cables (it is my first time doing them!)

Also on the agenda today was cruising Knitty's archives. I am seriously thinking about making the husband this It's called the "Anniversary Sweater". It is made from Katia Pisco which is a cotton blend, which is perfect because my second anniversary is coming up and supposedly the traditional 2nd year gift is COTTON. How cool would that be if I could actually finish this for my anniversary? How likely is that to happen? Ok you can stop laughing now. The REAL question is what is my husband getting me for my anniversary gift, and will it be yarn related? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On the road again!!!!

I am working!!!!!! My two week forced vacation with out pay is over!!!!!! I hate being a contractor, I only get paid when I work and work is not ALWAYS plentiful! Anyway, this morning I flew into beautiful Nashville TN. At 10am while walking thru the terminal there was a live band playing country tunes! On a WEDNESDAY!!! If I'd had enough coffee on board I would have stopped to take a picture, instead I stopped and stared for a few seconds and proceeded to sniff out a coffee provider.

On the knitting front I am in the space-time continum where you knit on a peice and it never actually GETS LONGER. I'll keep you posted. My husband doesn't seem to understand the space-time thing. I bought some some needles off ebay a few weeks back and he's wondering why I haven't started using's because I can't seem to finish a single project and I have a BUNCH on the needles....I know I'm pathetic.

Monday, August 15, 2005

When is summer going to be over?

We live in Houston, so I should be used to this....but WHEN IS SUMMER GOING TO BE OVER!!!!! I hate this heat and sucks for trying to knit sweaters! Haven't done much except for make the purple scarf longer. Will have to try to diversify my time. :)

Since summer refuses to leave let's think about many handknits do I want to make to give away this year?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Motorcycles vs.Yarn

Although this has nothing at all to do with knitting....I was on my first motorcycle yesterday. For reasons that blow my mind my MIL has one and my husband took me for a ride yesterday....let me just tell ya....I hated it. I told my husband if it came down to a choice between buying a motorcycle or more yarn.....I'd live in the yarn store.

Ok ladies and gentlemen.....progress on my first cable scarf....drum roll please....

So what do ya think?

As a side note: does anyone know how to change the date on these pictures!? I promise I didn't do these in 2002! :)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vist from the yarn fairy.

Ok no the yarn fairy didn't visit me but that's what we will be telling my husband! :) No that charge from the yarn shop just has to be a mistake! So here is what I bought:

The Purple will become a lovely scarf for a friend (shhh don't tell her) it will be my first flirtation with the cable needle....wish me luck. The blue....I don't know... socks for me? The magazine....well it has a really nice jacket type thing I may attempt.....I'll let you know. Next time join us for the progress on the cable scarf! It's on a dead line.....

Friday, August 05, 2005

What's in a name?

The name of this very short-lived blog has come as a result of some public knitting I have done, yes, but it is largely a result of PRIVATE knitting! Yes in the comfort of my own home I have been ridiculed and shamed because I am a knitter! A parade of aunts and uncles have deemed me "an old grandma" for knitting. My knitting inspired an aunt of mine to pick up needles after many years, after doing so she got heckled so much she put them away again! So dear readers, this is why I am so defensive when it comes to my knitting....I have yet to form any knitting friendships (although I'm hoping to change that) so I am solo in my persuit of knitting nirvana.

Ok enough ranting. :) Personal info about me? I am a female, I know I may seem to be male with the job I do....I get that ALL the time....I have to prove I'm as good as a male to every single new client of mine. I have a cuddly teddy bear of a husband. I also provide the care and maintanence for 3 kitties that consent to live here, and one doggie (who was a package deal with the husband.) :) Pictures you ask? Well if you insist.....

I am much too sleepy to talk to you!

I look mean but I'm really the professor....very smart.

I am the princess, you all must bow to me (or just pet me alot).

I am a silly dog who spins like a top when I want to go outside.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Under the weather

Definately feeling like life has run me over by a mack truck gotta look at the positives right!? Ok this is a picture of my first ever completed socks! I am so proud! And the recipient (my dad) seems pretty happy with them too if I do say so my self! :) He got exactly what he ordered....Thick winter socks to wear during cold Polish what that I gave them to him in june....don't look at me like that.

Ok so I have a question....when sock patterns start the instructions for "short rows" what the heck to they mean by "contiune in this manner"? If it were me.....ALL THE FREAKING ROWS WOULD BE SPELLED OUT!!!!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ta Dah!

Basically, I started this blog to talk about my adventures in knitting. Most of the time I travel for work and I take my knitting with me and I get strange looks when I whip it out and start working. Then sometimes I get the opposite reaction where people get really excited and start fondling my project (A flight attendent got a bit too entusiastic about a scarf I was making)! Anyway, it won't be all travel all the time because sometimes (like now) I don't have any work and I get to sit at home and not earn any yarn money. :(

Anyway, WIP include:

-Royal Blue Sweater (eventually for my dad)
-Really thick bed socks (for a sick aunt)
-Afgan (wanted to give it to mom but don't think it will be done for THIS Christmas!)
-Horizontal knit scarf (I've already made a ton of these and this one if finally for me!!!)
-Tweed sweater (will be for me! :) )

More details to follow!
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