Monday, July 02, 2007

Changes Abound....

Life seems to be stuck on Fast Forward these days. Some knitting is getting done...Of course not as much as I would like. As a result of life on Fast Forward, changes seem to be blooming all over the place. Case in point.....

I have purchase one of the above. I have not done so since grade school. I do in fact fit into it (just barely). To date, I've lost over 75 lbs in the last year and a half and I'm still going. I'm very proud of this, but the change sometimes leave me scracthing my head. When I showed my husband this purchase he asked me would I wear it in public and where.....head scratching was had by all.

This is my current WIP. I love the colors (most accurate in the following photo). Of course, sock one is done and since I don't suffer from SSS the second one is on the needles. I'm on a timeline for these, so they are first in priority on the assembly line.

The yarn is Gypsy Girl Creations in Color Back Draft. It was obtained from Toni at The (world famous) Fold.

One last look at this socky goodness. It is rather long....definately longer than what I usually do, but I decided to do this and make a "slouch" sock, and I'm rather liking it.

One last shot for the cat lovers of the know who you are (cough...Sue...cough).

One last word on changes....I have some whoppers coming up....even if you think you know, you may still be surprised...and NO I'M NOT PREGNANT!

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