Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Home Depot as a Knitting Supply Store? Yea Baby!

Here we see common O-rings available at most Home Depot Plumming Departments:

Here we see common O-rings used in my knitting!!! Yea baby! Knitting supplies from the Depot!!!! Hey what can I say I was desperate!

Ok, Work in progress pics of my clappy!

Aren't the colors the most hideous that you've ever seen? Don't worry about hurting my feelings...

The following is the yarn for my next clappy which will be will be my first knitted object that I made, that I can wear without sniggering from the crowds.

News Flash! Since these pics were taken MY FIRST CLAPOTIS is now officially a FO! Pics are coming

Lastly, This is what I've been working on...Dishcloths/Face cloths for the leaders of a group my hubby and I are in....the beauty of them is I can learn new stitchs and "knitting moves", without the pain!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Catch up post

Yes Ladies (and dare I say Gentleman) I have much information to share, unfortunately this post, too, will be picture-less. This morning with coffee cup in hand I got up from my knitting spot to pose some knitting projects for my adoring fans, and I got the battery drained after a few explatives and a calming bath I decided to do it picture-less.

First up, (and yes this topic does have knitting in it although it doesn't show up till the end) I'm down 16 pounds...seems like I've been stuck at 16lbs for weeks, hopefully it's just my imagination. My hubby is the reward master, at every ten pounds lost I get a prize! At ten pounds I got some sorely needed Nikes (the really cool Shox kind!). At 20 pounds (just 4 lbs away) I was going to get TIVO (believe me with the traveling I do I really need it for the 2 or 3 guilty pleasures, um I mean, shows I actually DO want to watch (Dancing with the Stars, anyone? Fess up!), plus you can DOWNLOAD THEM ONTO YOUR COMPUTER SO I CAN WATCH THEM LATER ON THE ROAD! How cool is THAT!!), and at 30lbs lost I was going to get extra cash to spend at Maryland Sheep and Wool....but disparaged at the lack of weight loss and alarmed at how much weight I would have to lose in the time given for the extra cash, I conned my honey to give me the extra cash for MS&W at 20lbs lost and TIVO at 30lbs....I think I got a good deal on that one!!! Ok break out the extra suitecase!!!

I'm making great time on my Clappy...too bad you can't see it! WAHHHH! I love the pattern just like EVERYONE else does! I'm using a very user friendly check list style chart that I printed out from the Clapotis along on Yahoo Groups, Trust me it ROCKS! I already have the yarn for my next Clappy that will be for ME AND ME ALONE! I've realized that I don't have a single thing that I've knit for MYSELF! This second clappy I'm making (as God is my witness)will be MINE.

I've been toying with the idea of making an ODESSA from Kathy's (Grumperina) site, but I have the wrong yarn. I have 4 ply which would be the wrong gauge....oh damn need to go to the yarn shop! I already have the beads (which I hope are the right size!) so I'm almost ready to go.

I'm also almost ready to cast on for my husbands Anniversary Sweater that I've wanted to make FOREVER. I am in a weird phase with fitted garments. Although my attempts are getting decidedly better (the newest of which a human can actually wear with out getting laughed at), I am aprehensive about casting on for my hubby who I love very much and want this to be perfect for him. Does anyone else have this issue?

Ok Tah tah for now....hopefully next time I'll see you I'll have pics!

P.S Jenni the pattern for the infamous baby socks can be found here. The picture showes how they are SUPPOSED to look, I say HA, not mine!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Stuck in Hell!

I am currently stuck in work Hell, which is currently located IN Hell (aka North Jersey)....this is my least favorite state BY FAR!!!

Anyway, while sitting here in HELL....I've been thinking about the fact that I'M GOING TO MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL!!! I am so excited that I'm going, I can bearly stand it. My friend Marlanea and I will be flying away to Baltimore for KNITTERS' CHRISTMAS! While we are there I hope to meet up with my blog pal Jess...also very exciting!

Ok back to work....Next of my clapotis in progress and a new quick project.
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