Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Vacation Shots....To Be Continued.

The most perfect ship in the world The MS Noordam! Absolutely lovely ship!

Here is proof that I did indeed finish some more socks! Dad (looking lovely in his robe) did NOT want to be in the pic...he's shy.

This is how I showed up to our safety drill. :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You know you're in Wisconsin when.... leave the airport and the first thing that hits you is the smell of cow manure. (I don't mean that in a bad way! I was a resident Cheesehead for a time!)

I have bent to the masses (ha!) and finished the Hubby sock! In my opinion, he seemed to be underwhelmed....sigh...oh well. I do like thses socks though, if I do say so are the best shots I could get.

Yarn: Lorna's Laces
Color: Denim
Pattern: Gentleman's Shooting Sock
Mods: You know I did Short row toes and heels!

Update on Knitbloggers for Blood:

-The lovely lady of Chewy Spaghetti has donated a prize for the drawing! So get donating, so you can win! Go to her Blog and link to her esty shop....I'll post a link soon.

-Kristen made a new button for the blog! Go steal it from the sidebar now...

Some of my lovely readers have requested an updated pic, showing my weight loss progress, so on our way out to a wedding this weekend, my hub snapped this.

Does it look ok?

Now for a question....what is THIS.....

....and HOW did it get here?!!!

Isn't the Traveling Knitter a sock knitter? Isn't that all we've seen here, on this blog? Where did this lace come from? What REALLY blows my mind is that this is over 1000 stitches already and it looks like NOTHING! Well, maybe there will be more progress on this lace THING, since I'm going on VACATION!!!!! I may have limited access to the internet but I'll try to post to show you where I am.

Last but not least.....hey Jes If I threw all the socks from my last post together, would that count as a "Sock Mountain"? Would Jordan enjoy that or would the pointy sticks be too much for her? :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some of these things are not like the others....

Some of these things just don't belong
Can you tell which thing(s) are not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Yes the words are a bit different:), but here are SOME of my WIPs. ONLY SOME, PEOPLE!

From Right to left: Cotton Blend sock in Dancing from Knitpicks, Giant Man sock for my Uncle, Socks That Rock sock for me (that may turn into mom's since she's displayed interest in can I say no!?), Thick Ski sock for a Cousin, Giant Man sock for the hubby (he has desperately been wanting to have, FINALLY!), and on the other end, cablely sock that will eventually be dad's (if it fits's a bit on the small side)

Now can you see which ones from the top don't belong? These are ALL second socks except for the ones on the end. Thank you for playing our game. So, for your amusement and mine I'm going to have a blog poll to see which pair of socks I should complete first. Vote now!

Which Sock should Martha finish first?
Green/Yellow sock in Cotton Blend
Giant man sock for Uncle
Socks that Rock for me (um mom)
Ski sock for cousin
Giant man sock for Hubby
Cabley sock for Dad
Chuck it all and start a new pair
Free polls from
Interesting blood fact of the day:



O+ 1 person in 3
O- 1 person in 15

A+ 1 person in 3
A- 1 person in 16

B+ 1 person in 12
B- 1 person in 67

AB+ 1 person in 29
AB- 1 person in 167

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blogger vs. Bloglines.

Does anyone know why Bloglines sometimes doesn't update with your newest post? Is it a Blogger issue?

Practicing New Stitches.

I really have nothing on the knitting front (even though there has been a good amount of knitting done) to show you guys, this is why. My knitting ADD is totally out of control! I have many projects on the needles, and I can work on 3 different projects in the same hour. THREE! It's so bad my husband has even commented on my inability to stay on one project for longer than 10 min. On the road I've been known to have as many as 8 projects with me "just in case"! I am a sick the padded wagon....while you do that I will show you some new stitches that I practiced on some washrags that I made for birthday gifts this year.

Pessimistic question of the day:

Why are we supposed to be happy that "every cloud has a silver lining"? Doesn't a silver lining mean you are about to get rained on? Just sayin!

Interesting blood fact of the day:

Since a pint of blood is a pound, you lose a pound every time you donate blood.

Duuuuuude....Where is my nearest blood bank!

Speaking of weight loss....I bet you guys think that since I stopped talking about it that have given up that New Years resolution....NOT SO! Since January, I've lost 50 LBS! Unfortunately, I can't budge that number in the last few weeks, but I feel great!

That's it from the news desk....Keep those Blood donations coming.
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