Saturday, February 25, 2006

Baby Crazy

First off some old business....below are some lovely roses my Valentine gave me!!! Aren't they lovely??

This lone blossom fell off in transport, so it gets its own vase. :)

Here is the full view.

Speaking of full views.....below is what I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. It was just supposed to be 4 socks for a pair of twins but it turned into hats too, since I had yarn left over. I hope that this parade of baby socks is over but who they are fun to make!

Close up of the hat...Whatcha think? It was my first attempt at a hat EVER.

They were easy to make. The pattern can be found here.

One last shot at the time I'll show the progress on my Clapotis....I'm working away on it. I hope it looks ok once I start dropping stitches.

Friday, February 10, 2006

My Beautiful ISE Scarf!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my! This will be a catch up entry too! I just can't believe how much time is flying. Part of it is Weight Watchers! WW is TAKING OVER MY LIFE!! It's all good of THIS morning the scale says that I'm 12 pounds down. Depressingly slow but encouraging, when I hit the plateau I'm really going to need some support. I've also started dabbling in scrapbooking, but I don't see it taking over my life like knitting....but it is fun.

Random questions of the day:

So do we like the new colors of the ol' blog?

Does anyone celebrate St. Patty's day?

Is anyone ELSE obsessed with DANCING WITH THE STARS? (I'm so ashamed)

Ok on to the knitting!

This is my Gorgous ISE Scraf that I got from my Secret Pal Rhonda!!! Our Exchange wasn't EXACTLY INTERNATIONAL....her scarf came from, at most, 300 miles away! I don't mind especially since the package was filled with CASHMERE goodness!!! It's made out of Makalu handpainted cashmere And the pattern is from Tahki Stacy is lovely....I'm wearing it as we speak....I'm in Oklahoma at the moment were I'm wondering if my anti-freeze is freezeing, but Rhonda the scarf works!!! It's keeping my neck warm!!!!

Next up:

A photo from my knitting group!!!! This is a SLIGHTLY better photo of my peeps than my first one. :)

More Knitting:

I'm continuing knitting on the Mitered Square rug (while I'm on my eliptical machine, see told you WW was taking over my life), no pics to post since it's the same as before just more squares....I'll post pics when it looks more impressive.

EVEN More Knitting:

I've been asked to knit TWO MORE PAIRS of the Baby socks (for twins) from my FO's in the side we see the least THESE are a different color. :) Still knitting them in Classic Elite Premier Yarn which still ROCKS!!! I love the lavender/purple color (you really can't tell from the pic). Is there such thing as 4th sock syndrome?

Ok, Down Right Crazy Knitting:

So because I don't have ANY thing else to do, I've started a Clapotis. This is how far I've gotten....any friendly advice? The pic doesn't acurately portray the color, but give me a break I'm photographing from a hotel room! I've joined the Clapotis-a-long, so I'm on Clapotis overload.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Time Machine

Hello Everyone, I have been a victim of a vicious time machine....I remember clicking "Publish Post" and I've been fast forwarded to today. What the heck happened? It doesn't even seem like I've done any knitting since then but I must have since I have two FO's to show you!

But first we have the WIPs:

These are my lovely Socks That Rock! I've finally started them. I was using the magic loop method originally but I went back to 2 cirular needles because the needles I had were not long enough and I would avoid working on them at all costs. So now that I have the right tools I'm going to try to speed away on these.

Secondly, I'm working on squares for the rug for my living room. I am totally insane to do this project because I hate sewing up projects (and this will be a dozey onece it's done), but I couldn't resist because of the portablity of the squares! I can do them ANYWHERE!!!! EVEN ON MY ELIPTICAL EXERSICE MACHINE!!!! It really makes time fly. (And no there will be NO pictures of me on the machine with my knitting)

Now on to the FO's!

Here is my ISE scarf blocked and all ready to be packed fly off to the East Coast!!! I really had a hard road with this was supposed to be "Branching out" but I decided that lace was going to have to just wait for another day when I feel more confident in my skills(plus, this scarf will be warmer because of the less holey nature!) Enjoy ISE buddy!

And here we have the long awaited socks for my "now not so pregnant" Aunt! Welcome to the world PJ (Peter Jr.), and have a great time while you are here! The socks are a bit shorter than I would have liked but "thems the breaks".

And for the "fun shot" of the day we have Pierce the cat modeling the newly made ISE Scarf. Work that camera BABY!
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