Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mememe among other things.

Ok, as Marlanea has explained, since Brynne tagged us both for meme's we decided to post meme's about our friendship. Please feel free to ask us questions about the more confusing points. :)

1. Our house in Rockport was known as the “sausage board of the south” thus all sausage related decisions are made there.

2. No commercially available sausage in Texas is good enough for a Polish recipe

3. I have made a joke funny enough to make Marlanea snort lemonade through her nose.

4. The only blind date I’ve ever been on (the one Marlanea set me up on) asked me to marry him on the first date…..there are so many things that went wrong that evening.

5. One other thing that went wrong that evening is that M&M (Marlanea and Martha), and Blind Date ate seafood and then immediately afterwards went on some sort of vomit inducing carnival ride.

6. Marlanea taught me that soy sauce and egg drop soup do in fact go together.

7. Cranberry juice is not only M&M’s drink of choice, but it’s also a known aphrodisiac.

8. My parents’ nickname for Marlanea is “Malina” which means Raspberry in Polish.

9. Contrary to Marlanea’s belief, I AM THE LEADER AND I SAY WHEN! This has been a source of dissent ever since we saw the Aristocats for the first time.

10. Marlanea has seen our “Deca Dad” take a picture of my back side as I was half in the fake stream at the putt putt course trying to retrieve a stray golf ball.

11. M&M have been on a couple of airplanes WITH Mickey ears firmly on our heads.

12. Marlanea choose Martha to her date at the fancy schmancy Christmas dance in high school since her boyfriend (now husband) was in Austin.

13. Because of Marlanea, I will forever have nightmares about consuming sushi….she demanded I try it by jamming some sort of fish roll down my throat.

14. M & M have an erie knack for preparing the exact thing that the other’s spouse hates for dinner.

15. The other card game at the “house of sex” was VC aka Vietnamese Cards…. which has different rules depending on who you ask.

16. No matter what anyone says, making animal crakers pose in pornographic positions is never appropriate behavior during a film in government class.

17. If one enters a discussion about wearing make up completing a woman, with Marlanea, prepare to see steam come out of her ears.

18. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the day that Marlanea asked “I wonder what would happen if I took my top off in here?” at the Calypso Café at the Corpus Christi Half Price Books.

19. Never ask Marlanea what something means….go look it up….she will lie to you.

20. M&M have won state Championships in high school for DECA, which is a nationwide competion for marketing. Our event consisted of preparing a lengthy marketing improvement proposal.

21. Winning this championship enabled us to go to Nationals, and thus missing our senior prom…it was definitely for the best, because I didn’t have to find an excuse to say NO to Billy who asked me to prom! Whatever happened to him? Do you k1. now Marly?

22. Marlanea is very amused when I talk to my parents on the phone in Polish and throw in an English word every now and then…..I think it reassures her that we are not in fact talking about HER.

23. The first time I met Marlanea I, too thought she was a bitch.

24. At one point in time, we both belonged to the RFHS Science Club (yes we were total geeks). For one unfortunate period I was President of said Science Club.

25. If possible, the magic of yarn and knitting have brought us closer together…. with many more memories to come!!

After the tragedy of the socks that won't come out to be the same size, I started questioning my skills as a knitter....and frankly wheather I should actively carry on the obsession. I am really excited to report that I have launched into a new Sock that included THREE new techniques that I have never tried!!! I decided baby socks were just right, because they are small (so not as much of a time commitment if things go south), and one of my aunts is VERY pregnant at the moment so they make handy baby gifts......well I looked online and found this pattern. It was great!!! They are toe up socks with short row heels, neither of which I have attempted before. The pattern also calls for a lacey leg part and I tried it but it didn't work with the cotton yarn that I was using, this was a new concept for me and it worked but just didn't look right (and I don't recall the name of the yarn at the moment). I am so excited that I have these new skills, and I am in love with these tiny socks, but I need some advice from the ladies out there with children. The yarn in 100% cotton and has almost zero the momma gonna be able to stuff the foot into them?

Sorry about the quality of the picture but I finished them in the car on the way to Boerne, TX (and just had to take a picture and blog about them) for the Kid n' Ewe and Llamas too fesitval! So as you can see I am not giving up the obsession! I'll be sure to blog about this event next time!

Life would also not be complete without a cute cat picture here goes.....

Mario In a Box (close cousin of Jack-in-the box)

Our sweet furchild loves to jump into empty boxes. As a side note, you can see the book "The Knitted Rug" by Donna Druchunas trying to get in the picture. I bought it because we are putting down flooring, and getting rid of carpet so I am looking forward to knitting a bunch of area rugs! Does anyone have any experience in this area? Does anyone have any advice on yarn type or yarn brand I should use? Any advice would be appreciated.

Well I'm off to pet the woolie creatures! Ta ta!


Blogger Paramedknit said...

Just a few thoughts on the M&M Meme...

3. True.
6. As if there was any question.
8. I think it's because they can't say my name.
9. False
10. Martha also got a hole in one on that round. :)
11. That were the wrong size b/c we didn't know that came in adult AND child sizes.
13. It was a California Roll - no fish.
16. Actually I was quite amused with this activity.
19. Minutae.
21. And who wouldn't want to go to the prom w/ Billy? Known for LITERALLY rolling on the floor laughing with a giant green snot thing hanging out of his nose and change falling out all over the place?
24. RFHS Science Club - Do you care about science? No? That's okay, most of us are just in it for the cool field trips that we take EVERY YEAR.
25. TRUE!!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i loved reading about y'all s relationship, and her retorts! you guys are as close as sisters:) proud to know you two!

12:00 PM  

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