Monday, October 16, 2006

Trying To Find Beauty And Joy...

In the middle of a physical and mental rain storm we are serching for beauty and joy at The Traveling Knitter today.

Thankfully we siezed the one rain free day on Saturday to take a ride in a park in the middle of Houston. I don't know about you but I'm sort of impressed. Being a Chicagoan at heart Houston is sort of a let down, but these sights helped lift the mood. :)

At this stop, I had to fight the urge to plant my butt on the bench and veg out with the sock, but the purpose of going on the bike ride was to work out and I am proud to say....goal accomplished! :)

Before I go any further I gotta thank my readers for the support. Mom's Cancer is very stressful and is taking it's toll on me. Please don't think I'm ignoring you if I don't respond quickly!

And now for some FO's! During my abence I've done some knitting and the following is just part of some of my work.

Yarn: Socks That Rock Sock Candy
Pattern: Simple Toe-up Short Row Toe and Heel out of my head
Colorway: Don't remember sorry
Mods: The whole project was a mod! :)
Recipient: An Auntie

Comments on Yarn: I gotta say I have some mixed feelings about this yarn. I LOVE the colors. I love the thickness. I love that it's Cotton and summery. I DON'T love the roughness during knitting...maybe it's just me. I guess I just need a cotton yarn blend....but let me tell ya the dye job is what will keep me coming back!

The Very Delayed Sock Posse Socks!

Yarn: Fleece Artist Sock yarn
Pattern: Mata Hari
Colorway: Yarntopia
Mods: None since it was more like a stitch pattern.
Recipient: Mom. As you can see from the pic, they were finished at her bedside in the hospital, and I gave them to her two seconds after they were off the needles.

Comments on Yarn: Love the yarn.....don't know which I love more STR or Fleece Artist. I'm leaning towards STR but I will be experimenting with both in the future, as the both live in my stash.

I leave you dear ones with a question...what are the opinions out there on Mountain Colors Bearfoot? Does the Mohair content make it scratchy?


Blogger Mary said...

Well, my former employer was based in Houston so I've spent some time there and I have to say -- eh. I hope I never have to live there.

Love both pairs of socks, and I really appreciate your yarn review. I think yours is the first review of Sock Candy, and I've wanted to know how it is to knit that yarn, and now I know. I like how the pooling of the colors on each sock are mirror images -- cool, huh?

I'm also quite envious of your knitting with the Fleece Artist -- I hear that is heaven. Some day I'll get my hands on some - maybe at Stitches East? (Fingers crossed).

I've fondled the Mountain Colors quite a few times but have never purchased it for that very reason - the scratchiness of it. But perhaps after it's knitted up it feels different.

You're correct - we're not in the same profession. I'm in Healthcare I.T. consulting. Your job sounds way-cool, by the way. Have you met any famous people like the Keno brothers? ;-)

3:49 PM  
Blogger Jes said...

The socks look great! I hope things start/keep looking up for you.

I've heard that Bearfoot is splitty and that is the major complaint. I hate mohair, so I won't use it, but the thing I find more annoying is that their colorways are so dark. That keeps me away from them more than anything.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

Your alive! haven't heard from you in so long... I hope you aren't wearing yourself down too much ... i love the colors in the sock cany! its a real bang for your work buck! get the chance? lets have lunch soon? just the two of us? and WW friendly ;)

6:23 PM  

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