Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WIP's Galore!

I've been working on mostly socks as you see below.

The two on the far right are done waiting to get Kitchener stiched. (BTW the back ground is our new floor that my husband is putting in!)

Since I'm going to attempt to complete a Branching out scarf, I decided to try a small lace project as you can see in the above lacey sock.....the pooling is awful but I think the lace turned out ok. The sock will be sent off to an aunt who is very pregnant. (Btw I think that I'm going to join the Branching Out Knit along, if you want to join the fun go here)

As we can see this is a later photo all Kitchenered.....it was my first attempt ever and man did it look BAD! But it's the toe and it's small so it is good enough! I did it via tutorial online by the Stitch Diva.....it was by far the best one I found!

In other knitting news, my dad's sweater that I've been knitting went into blocking. I wasn't going to even block it (since it is done in Wool-ease) but the rolling up of the Stockenette was not going to be fun during seaming.

Here we see part of my mess, the trick to doing this in my house was finding a flat surface big enough that won't be danced on by cats.....as you can imagine the furry children just *LOVE* to explore my knitted peices. Taking the picture above was difficult since I had to stand on the toilet to get everything in.

The back side had to blocked in a completely different room!!

So since we now have wonderfull new floors, my hubby and I discussed the rug situation. I said that I wanted to knit us a rug from the below book, but that it would take me a while. He said "Well then I think we should just buy a rug", because he doesn't want to wait. I must have had a horrified look on my face, because we re-negociated that one quickly. He said I could buy the yarn if I knitted it quickly....works for me!

So I think that we've decided to knit the Mitered Square Patchwork Rug from the cover of the book. My only issue now is what yarn to use.....since the Artful Yarns' Dance that the designer used is discontinued. I got online and the two yarns in the running are Wool Pak 14 Ply Baabajoes or Reynolds Lopi. Any imput out there on these two?

Fun stuf for toady!!! More pictures from the new cat tree!!!

Hi Mom!!!

I like seeing you eye to eye!!!

Here we see Pierce and Annie having a spat. Comments heard were "You are a jerk, and I will NEVER share my greenies with you again!" and "Your fur makes you look fat!!"

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!


Blogger Rain said...

Nice floor, even nicer knitting. Love the blue socks.

12:21 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

The floor and the socks look good! I hope the rug turns out and quickly. I guess now you'll have even more of a reason to knit all the time - not like any of us need as excuse!

Happy Thanksgiving!

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Martha-

Just a little ISE question... is your heart set on cables or would lace be okay? I found a gorgeous pattern! Comment back to me here or on the ISE board (make your handle your subject...)
It's a Secret!

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Seattleknitter said...

Bulky lopi knits up really nice, but boy it's not very soft. I think it's perfect for a rug, good luck!

11:03 AM  

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