Friday, December 16, 2005

Unexpected disaster

Ok well I flew into Philly on Monday and was going about my business getting a car and I reached down to get my rolling bag from the car rental shuttle and pulled it up and felt such spectatcular pain that I have never felt....I sat down on the stairs to the shuttle for a few min because I was paralyzed. So after waiting in a line for 45 min with my back screaming to get my car (hint: NEVER NEVER NEVER RENT FROM DOLLAR AT THE PHILLY AIRPORT!!!) I decided that I didn't want to search the city for a hospital so I drove up to my work site and found a hospital there....Oh my god they were wonderful and there was NO ONE there.....with a shot in my butt I was out of there in under 2 hours!!! I didn't even have time to haul out my knitting! I went to work the next day, but flew home the day after that because there was no way I could do more work, Thank God for my Boss!!! He found someone else to do it for me....have I mentioned that I love him!? Anyway that is my sorted I'm at home trying not to plant myself on the couch and knit because that would just make my back stiffen up.....but it's getting to the point of "would it be so bad for me to become ONE WITH THE COUCH?" Because on the plus side, I would get a hell of a lot of knitting done!


Blogger Jes said...

That exact same thing happened to me once. I bent over to brush off my pants and boom, there went my back. It's awful, but I'm glad you didn't have to do extra work.
btw: I totally allow you to camp on the long as you do some of my knitting too!

12:36 PM  

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